Gelco Colombia has a large international presence. We deliver our gelatin to more than 38 countries.

Thanks to our levels of efficiency and quality, our gelatin reaches different
parts of the world, from our plants located in Barranquilla (Colombia) and Pedreira (Brazil).

We have representatives in:

  • Germany
Helm Iberica s.a.
ctra fuencarral n° 24, edif europa 1, portal 2, plta 1-3, 28108 alcobendas
Madrid – España
Contacto: David Sanchez
tel.: 34-91-6574370
  • Spain
Estados Unidos
originates, inc
20900 ne 30th ave, suite 707 aventura fl 33180 – USA
Contacto: Daniel Minski
tel.: (954)2332500
fax: (954)2333301
  • U.S.A.
R&R Consultores en administracion S.A.
5° calle 1 – 25 zona 3, guatemala ca 01003
Contacto: Ricardo Sepe
Tel.: (502) 2230 4999
F – (502) 2253 9768
  • Guatemala
  • Greece
Helm De México S.A.
proton no.2 parque ind. naucalpan, edo. de México C.P. 53489 – México
Contacto: Mariano Llera Fajul
Tel.: (52-55) 5228 9900
Fax: (52-55) 5300 5731
  • México
Drokasa Peru S.A.
Jr Mariscal La Mar N° 991, Piso 9 Magdalena Del Mar Lima – Peru
Contacto: Conrado Palacios
Tel.: 511 501 1000
  • Perú
Helm Portugal LDA
E.N. 10 – KM. 140,260 – 2695-066
Contacto: João Dias
Tel.: 351 219948300
Fax: 351 219552475
  • Portugal
Republica Dominicana
Kent & Duran
Calle Barahona, Edificio Nr. 225
Contacto: Pablo Kent
Email: –
  • Dominican Republic
  • Turkey

We also have a direct presence in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, El Salvador, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Honduras, India, Israel, Italy, South Korea, Nicaragua, Panama, Poland, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

In order to carry out the export management of its products to the different markets, Gelco carries out detailed studies of the needs in terms of quality, quantity and offers of the product in each of the markets to work, visiting and placing representative agents in the areas or by directly contacting the end user. Based on the information received, samples are sent for approval of the product and, finally, the price agreement. Today, Gelco has more than ten representatives located in the most influential countries in the consumer areas, which continually feed their market information with variations, which allows them to make decisions in line with these variations, Flow of exports to these countries.
Day by day, Gelco is in the task of finding new markets by periodical tours with a view to quantify and qualify the needs of those markets and, through the scheme outlined above, achieve the final penetration of gelatin.

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