Pharmaceutical gelatin

Pharmaceutical gelatin

Today’s encapsulation industry uses the majority of the pharmaceutical grade gelatin offered by GELCO.

Manufacturers of soft shell gelatin capsules have found that the rigidity and elasticity of pharmaceutical gelatin allows the manufacturing of capsules that are flexible, yet strong enough, to prevent breakage and leakage during the filling stage of production.  The use of a high viscosity gelatin provides for the quick setting of capsules; and, when mixed with glycerin, this gelatin’s drying abilities increase efficiency in production.  The low metal content and the non-reactive properties of this product allow for unlimited possibilities of soft-shell products.

The Ready Hard Capsule Gelatin (RHCG) offered by GELCO is a unique product that has been widely accepted by the hard capsule market. For the first time, manufacturers are able to work with a gelatin that eliminates the need for formulas, blending and quality control of multiple raw materials (gelatins).  The ability to produce hard shell capsules with a single gelatin allows higher production rates per machine, while facilitating quicker and easier drying.  As this particular type of gelatin is produced from the same raw material as that of edible gelatin, customers enjoy much lower prices than those offered for bone gelatin, which is frequently used in this type of production.

The use of pharmaceutical gelatin is by no means limited to capsule making industries.  As the mixture of gelatin and glycerin allows suppository products to melt at body temperature and freeze at room temperature, manufacturers use this particular gelatin grade exclusively in their production.  GELCO also supplies pharmaceutical gelatin for tablet industries and anticonstipation products.  Gelatin coatings conceal unpleasant tastes and odors and provide a longer shelf life by protecting the medication against air, light and moisture. These coatings may also be chemically treated to resist acid disintegration, thus allowing a slower enzymatic absorption.

Those industries involved with the production of high and low oil concentration emulsions have found that the pharmaceutical gelatin offered by GELCO, acts as an ideal stabilizer. This is attributed to the product’s excellent viscosity and anti-coagulation properties. Emulsions prepared with gelatin do not require the beating and shaking devices needed by those prepared with gums. Homogenizers and colloidal mills permit the formulation of emulsions without the need of an extremely high viscosity medium.  Because only small amounts of gelatin are necessary in emulsion preparation, finished products have an excellent taste, while allowing an efficient and low cost production.

Other uses for pharmaceutical gelatin include microencapsulation, production of surgical sponges, films and blood plasma extensions. Those involved with the research and development departments available in GELCO are continually working to increase the effectiveness in the use of pharmaceutical gelatin in these industries, while expanding its uses in other areas.  Services of the highly trained experts are available to all established and potential customers. GELCO welcomes the opportunity to work with all companies interested in using gelatin in their pharmaceutical products.



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