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The unique properties of the edible gelatin offered by GELCO have resulted in its extensive use in the food and dairy industries. Because edible gelatin does not affect product coloring or flavoring when used in soups and sauces, GELCO’s material is widely used as a thickener in the manufacture of these products. In addition, the ability of gelatin to act as a bonding agent for flavors is used in the production of dried bouillon. Producers of canned meats, particularly cooked hams, have found that edible gelatin is able to effectively absorb meat juices during backing, which allows these products to retain their natural flavors.

Used extensively as a stabilizer in dairy industries, edible gelatin provides a smooth texture of product in ice cream manufacturing, while keeping the material free from ice crystals. Because gelatin is able to produce a stable foam, cream producers find that edible gelatin is ideal for lowering the liquid-air surface tension during production. The stabilizing properties of gelatin also prevent product separation in yogurt manufacturing, providing a smooth textured product. In addition to its ability to facilitate yogurt production, gelatin also assists in the suspension of fruits and nuts, often used in flavoring.

Most noted for its ability to gel quickly, gelatin is a major ingredient in gelatin dessert powders and popular gelatin candies. In addition, marshmallow and nougat producers find that because gelatin is able to support foam, it works well to form gelled films around air, necessary for manufacturing of aerated food products.

A final unique characteristic of the gelatin offered by GELCO is its ability to aglomerate matter in the production of wines, beer and fruit juices.  Wine makers find that because gelatin is able to react in such a manner with tannic acid absorption, it allows the precipitation and removal of undesirable suspended residues, which increases product clarity. Used for similar reasons in beer finning, edible gelatin allows a greater degree of product clarity, increases colloidal stability and provides a better shelf life for finished products.  Fruit juice manufacturers also find that gelatin assists in clarification of their products, in addition to pulp and coloring suspension maintenance.

The edible gelatins offered by GELCO range in Bloom strengths from 130 to 285 grams.  Although the material offered is most often used in the production of the previously mentioned foods and dairy products, it is by no means limited to these applications. GELCO has the facilities and staff to work effectively with research and development departments to assist present and potential customers in using their material efficiently, as well as developing new manufacturing techniques. GELCO welcomes the opportunity to work with all companies interested in using gelatins in their food and dairy related products.



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