Learn about GELCO Colombia, leaders in the development of edible and pharmaceutical gelatin.


GELCO was founded in 1966 in order to manufacture and supply edible, pharmaceutical and technical gelatine. The plant installation and process technology was supervised by Atlantic Gelatine, a General Foods division, who handled the plant the first five years.

Since then, the main objective has been to optimise the plant’s efficiency and the product quality, through investigation and better knowledge of our customer’s requirements.

Gelco has a continuous extraction process, with a production capacity of 4800 MT/year. The raw material from bovine hides is BSE free and its sanitary condition is certificated, which allows us to export worldwide.

In 2008, Gelco bought Kraft’s gelatin plant located in Pedreira, Brazil, which started its operation as GELCO GELATINAS DO BRASIL LTDA. on April 2009.  Since then, this new plant has been in a continuous improvement of processes and equipments, in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and quality.

During 2015 we reach international clients in more than 30 different destinations and a production capacity of more than 4800 tons per year.

In 2016, we obtained our FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certification.




Integrated Quality Policy

At Gelco, consistent with our purpose of manufacture and sale of the highest quality gelatine, and as a company that respects its customers, its staff, its shareholders, the environment, its close community and other stakeholders, we comply with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements to our business, as well as any standard that we decide to accept voluntarily, and we are committed to the following policies:

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Perform our activities with efficiency, profitability and responsibility to our stakeholders, always seeking continuous improvement to maintain a sustainable growth.


Satisfy our customers by providing a product according to their requirements, an excellent service and the faithful fulfilment of the commitment of supply.

Food Safety:

Provide our clients with a product safe for consumption, by appropriate identification, assessment and control of food safety risks and an effective communication throughout the food chain.

Health and Safety at Work:

Protect the health and safety of all our personnel (own staff, agency employees, contractors and subcontractors), through the implementation and maintenance of the management system, and the promotion of a culture of care and participation, which identifies hazards and evaluates, assess and control labor risks related to our activities.


To control the environmental impacts of our operations, through the rational use of natural resources, the efficient management of waste and the prevention of pollution.

Logistics security:

To protect the company from any kind of illegal activity through the promotion of transparent, ethical and safe practices in our supply chain.



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